Electro-Mineralizer Toothbrushes create ions to speed the crystallizing 
of new tooth bone using active ingredients shown to work in major 
scientific studies. The special formula includes hydroxyapatite which 
just happens to be the part in the enamel that makes your teeth 
bright white. 

Read the studies which show the effectiveness of:  Hydroxyapatite in regrowing teeth, MSH in regrowing teeth,  iontophoresis as a superior 
form of delivery, ionic plaque removal, danger of tooth bleaching, 
xylitol as a slippery preventative for bacteria, etc. 

Buying the Smile Regeneration Tooth System puts you in the company of people who really do care about your dental health. 

If your toothbrush needs to be replaced from wear, or if the activation notification light is out, we will replace your ionic brush for $20.00.  

Information on your toothbrush and toothpaste replacements will be included with your order.  Keep SMILING!   
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~Smile Regeneration Tooth System is a Product of Regeneration Corporation, a Seychelles Entity with manufacturing in Belize, represented by distributors internationally~
The Smile Regeneration Tooth System includes a special ionic toothbrush & two toothpaste tubes.  

* Ionic Toothbrush: The toothbrush is battery powered but does not vibrate. Instead, it causes a miniscule electric current to flow from the brush to the teeth, providing an electric pathway for reconstructive ions in the toothpaste to deposit on the teeth. 
* Tube one is a Regeneration AM toothpaste containing Nano Hydroxyapatite in a special tooth building formula. 

* Tube two is a Regeneration PM toothpaste gel with MSH and Nano Hydroxyapatite, with other special ingredients.  

For only $129.95 you can purchase the complete 
Regeneration Tooth System. 
Insure your teeth & your bright smile the natural way.
Scientific studies have proven that the ingredients in this unique toothpaste were shown to repair cavities, to whiten and rebuild teeth.
Place your $129.95 order here: Shipping and 
handling will be added to your order amount.
            Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery
Flouride blocks mineralization of calcium, stopping your teeth from rebuilding and breakthrough minerals such as hydroxyapatite are being blocked by the toothpaste industry. However, a new process exists using electricity to carry rare ingredients into the teeth that have been shown in many studies to work miracles, though kept off the market until now. Follow this link to see proof of how the Regeneration Tooth System is offering you the future today! :